Tenuta la Vigna’s wines are the result of a production philosophy aimed at the full expression of Capriano del Colle DOC.

We interpret our work as a sophisticated balance of all the instruments in the orchestration of winemaking, in a continuous and meticulous quest for perfection.

In this process the cellar plays an important role.

For four generations the grapes have been vinified in our cellar, using both traditional oak barrels and steel or cement tanks and a great deal of painstaking patience: the patience that requires the right amount of time to wait to have a Capriano del Colle that is the full expression of the grapes and the full manifestation of the culture and history of its terroir.

Dalla Vite la Vita

Tenuta la Vigna

Our Cellar

Visits & Wine Tastings

A sensory experience to discover Tenuta la Vigna.

The visit of the cellar is the time we love the most.

Only working a single hectare of land takes us 1500 hours of work. It is daily application pursued with dignity, respect and deep love for the land and its fruits. To produce a wine that is a sincere affirmation of its terroir, with its subsoil, microclimate and traditions.

Because wine is first and foremost a cultural manifestation of a community and a deep expression of being human.

Welcoming our guests to the cellar means taking them on a journey through the history of the estate, meeting the people who bring it to life, recognizing the personalities and nuances of the terroir in the unique characteristics of our wines.

Tenuta La Vigna

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The visits are held privately or in groups, and last about 2 hours with the wine tasting.

They can be held in Italian, English and French.

A sensory experience to discover Tenuta la Vigna.
Find out about the 4 winery tours with a tasting session planned for you.

(By reservation only)

Tenuta La Vigna

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You can give a gift voucher for a visit to the cellar with an open date,
booking the visit exclusively or with a group.