The balanced combination between tradition and technology; old and modern methods; vineyards and cellar, and the collaboration of qualified professionals are the keys that allow Anna Botti -year after year- to assure products of higher quality to her costumers and all wine lovers.

The Wine Estate Tenuta La Vigna is built on the hills of the town of Capriano al Colle, dominated by the Torrazza, an antique manor that in the XVIII century served as a look-out post against troops that came down from the Alps to the Po Valley. Maps of the XIV century and ancient documents show the existence of esteemed vineyards and old cellars on this hill, that have particular pedoclimatic characteristics for the cultivation of the vine. This peculiarity has been acknowledged with the controlled designation of origin, or Denominzione di Orgine Controllata, Capriano del Colle DOC, a confirmation of its history.
It is within this context that the first documents are found, proving that, at the end of the XIX century, a link tied the Botti family with the agricultural land and with wine growing in particular; a “love affair” that was reinforced in the first years of 1900’s, when Giuseppe brought the vineyard to 10 hectares, with the purchase of a property from a Brescian noble family. The development of the estate steadily continued with the establishment of a fertilizer factory In the 1920’s, followed by a grain deposit and concluding in the 1950’s with the installation of a distillery by Marco Botti. During these years were very well known the farming courses, set up by the Botti family, particular the one for Vine Pruning and Vine Grafting.


Marco Botti’s sons are also following in their father’s footsteps. Ugo – in particular – has increased the viticultural activities, founding in 1982 the Wine Estate Azienda Agricola Tenuta La Vigna, personally taking care of the restructuring of the ancient vineyards, in respect to the impetus to the cellar inserting the right dose of modernity in an ever more evolving process of complex and advanced technology.

Such as: the selection of grapes; modernizing the equipment; ageing in barriques and successively in bottle; Caveau with controlled temperature, all with the constant aim to achieve perfection.

Today Anna Botti, fourth generation, goes on in the evolution of the estate respecting and saving of wines.


The estate:

Since: 1982
Owner: Anna Botti
Winemaker: Marco Zizioli
Agronomist: Marco Tonni
Cellar Door Manager: Anna Botti

Estate Profile:

Vineyard surface: 7 ha
Number of labels: 6
Production: 30.000 bottles/year
Air Conditioned warehouse? Yes
The estate follows the methods of reasoned agriculture
Cellar door? Yes
Winery visit? Yes
Best book the visit in advance? Yes

The estate philosophy:

It’s since a few years that we work carefully looking at the CO2 Balance, so how much carbon dioxide we produce making our wines and how much is absorbed by our vines.
Recently we got a solar panel system and we try to reduce as much as possible any mechanical work in the vineyard.
Producing a single bottle of wine is, for us, an emotional and scientific path.