Grappa Ugo Botti - Grappa di Marzemino

Distillation: The pomace of fermented Marzemino grapes is distilled in 500 litre copper caldrons according to the discontinuous method. The vapours (with alcoholic strength between 82 and 45%) are collected via a fractionating column which is subsequently stocked in stainless steel containers. In the springtime the grappa is refrigerated and filtered to eliminate the essential oils, following with the cutting with other batches of the same aged grappa.

Characteristics: The Grappa of Marzemino Tenuta La Vigna represents the traditional compliment for every important meal, or special occasion to give as a unique gift. To the nose it is intense and firm; however tasting it it is sweet and refined, not aggravating the mouth but conquering it with gentleness.

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